Our Mission
Trans Saint Stories seeks to amplify the voices of our Latter-day Saint and Mormonism-adjacent (including ex-Mormon, post-Mormon, etc.) transgender, non-binary, and/or gender-expansive (TNBGE) siblings.
This space cultivates support for those of us who are grappling, or have grappled, with tension between our genders, and the doctrines, teachings, and behaviors of the LDS Church leaders and members. We acknowledge the unique joys and pains that come with existing in any capacity as a TNBGE Mormon, and we affirm the spiritual paths and individual agency of every transgender person.
Our hope is that in getting to know us better, LDS leaders and members can gain a greater understanding of how to minister to and love their TNBGE siblings— and that other TNBGE individuals will know that they aren't alone.

Frequently asked questions
In recent years, the existence of LGBTQ people has become more widely acknowledged by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; however, the unique experiences of the "T" (transgender) portion of that acronym are still relatively unknown. For many reasons, trans people don't feel free or safe to be ourselves, particularly within a conservative religious context like that of the Church. This is a space for trans people with any association or affiliation with Mormonism to speak up and share their stories, while preserving anonymity for their own safety. (By default, all submissions are shared anonymously unless the author should request otherwise.)
Trans Saint Stories claims no official affiliation with the LDS Church.

Trans Saint Stories was founded as a labor of love by Ash Rowan, who is genderqueer-nonbinary and describes themself as "liminally Mormon." The project is also supported by a team of queer Mormon volunteers.

For questions, feedback, to submit your own story, or to otherwise get in touch, please email transgenderdaysaints@gmail.com. You can also find the project on Twitter at @TransSaints.
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